Fathers and Sons: Conversations on Sex Ed, Marriage, and Masculinity

What Will I Find in this Course?

Remember, sexual formation does not begin in adolescence. It starts early. From infancy onward, you are the primary source of your child’s sexual education (or at least you should be). Are you ready? This course will set you on the right track by addressing the following:

  • Practical instruction on talking to your kids about sex (for children ages 2-15).
  • Tips to create a sexually healthy environment in your home (infancy through adolescence)
  • Vision and concrete strategies to form your son’s masculinity.
  • Guidance to build a strong bond with your child (the foundation for all sexual education).
  • Marital advice (for you) that benefits your child’s future marriage.
  • Real-world examples of fathers raising sexually healthy kids.
  • Professionally curated wisdom on creating positive family culture.
  • Practical advice to avoid pitfalls and tackle modern sexual difficulties.